Mountain Lure

The days were sultry in the plains,
All the fans were in vain
And even the light showers of rain,
Did not give us any relief from the pain.

So this year in our summer vacation,
We planned to go to a cool location
A trip to Dehra Dun and Mussoorie seemed a suitable proposition
So we packed up and put our plan in motion.

The ride to Dehra was a steep climb,
But the birds kept us busy with their melodious chimes
The distant lights of Mussoorie shimmered as we went to dine
The cool, refreshing breeze made us feel very fine.

From our windows we saw magnificent snow covered Himalayan peaks
And the orchards of apple, apricot and peach
There were twittering birds with colourful beaks
I knew it was going to be a wonderful treat

The mountain folks had rosy cheeks with gleaming eyes
With innocent lips that never spoke lies
The jolly expression on their face never dies
Like Ruskin Bond characters they came alive

Now when I remember the fields, the meadows and the lush greens,
The swaying trees and beautiful scenes
Those that had inspired Ruskin Bond in his lively teens
All this now seems like an unforgettable dream.

Not for reproduction.