Are you looking for music with fusion of both, pop rock guitar notes and soft, soothing lyrics? Well, I too was. And then I stumbled upon an alternative rock band named COLDPLAY. Since then Chris Martin (Vocals), Jonny Buckland (Lead guitar), Guy Berryman (Bass Guitar) and Will Champion (Drums) have become names that keep popping up in my mind.

Coldplay, as a band, began their melodious voyage in the year 1997 and has since released four virtually awesome studio albums.



‘Parachutes’, their debut album, was released in the year 2000 with smashing hits like, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Trouble’. The album also went down very well with the critics and was awarded the Best Alternative Music Album Award at the 2002 Grammy Awards night.



Coming up next was ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’, released in 2002 with numerous super-hit singles like ‘In My Place’ and ‘Clocks’ jostling with each other which still haunt me.


X & Y

Their third studio album, ‘X & Y’ hit the stores in 2005. The leading single, ‘Speed Of Sound’ was an instant hit and still appeals my ears. This album also has soft ballads like ‘Fix You’ and ‘What If’.


This is Coldplay’s latest album and was released earlier this year. It is, I think an experimental one. The songs, along with their pacifying effect also include Coldplay’s rocking distorted-guitar tracks. The album has been produced by the legendary Brian Eno.

‘Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends’ comes to life with the track, ‘Life In Technicolour’ which is an instrumental beginning to this album. The 2 minute 29 seconds song is absolutely mesmerizing. It is a completely different sound from Coldplay with a blend of the gentle piano and stunning guitaring. It gives an ideal intro to the album.

The second track is named, ‘Cemeteries Of London’. It is very beautifully linked to the first song. The line in the chorus, ‘la lalalala la lé’ appealed to my ears.

I found the next song, ‘Lost!’ really moving and in the usual Coldplay ‘soothing’ genre. The first two lines “Just because I’m losing/ Doesn’t mean I’m lost” lay the basic theme of the song and encouraged and motivated me never to give up hope and keep reaching high.

‘42’ begins with Martin at his piano, singing, “Those who are dead are not dead/ They’re just living in my head”. It’s like they mean that the dead are lingering in their memory. It is after that the song plunges into a lively loud guitar fragment and then goes back to the haunting style of the intro.

The tracks, ‘Lovers In Japan/ Reign Of Love’ and ‘Yes’ remind me of songs of their previous albums.

‘Viva la Vida’, the title track is one of my favourite songs on this record. The jerky vocals and perfect rhythm is absolutely commendable.

‘Violet Hill’ is the first single of the album and features Chris Martin holding a magnifying glass throughout the video. The song has remained as one of my favourite tracks from the album from the time of release.

Up next was, ‘Strawberry Swing’. The song is a gorgeous and melodious one, having a good theme and very well-written lyrics.

‘Death And All His Friends’ is the final track in the album and the beginning has the Vocalist, Chris Martin’s voice amidst soft guitaring. The song is telling us to be different from the common race of man and abstain from following the heard, through the lyrics, “So come over, just be patient, don’t worry.”

So get up from those couches and reach out to the nearest store and garb a CD. ‘If music be the food of love, play on;’…Coldplay.