I’ll Be There For You!

They were always spotted together, Nikita, Meheka, Shivali and Avni. They knew each other since…since they couldn’t remember when and everybody knew they were the best of friends.

Shivali was the quiet one, the one who would speak only when spoken to. But her ‘true’ jovial and witty nature would be exposed only once she was comfortable in your presence. She always seemed to see the best in the others. She did not know how to express feeling in words or friendship charms, but the other three understood. In her opinion, the language of friendship was not words but meanings.

An aura of warmth radiated from Meheka. The fire in her eyes kept the others warm. She had clear goals set for herself, for her future, but lost confidence in her caliber, at times and needed to be told how good she really was. When Shivali and Meheka got together, they cooked up the most hilarious one-liners you could imagine! After all, it is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

Nikita was the juvenile and chirpy. She could never decide if it was the right time to speak or not and usually landed in troubled waters because of her frank opinions (and had to be later fished out of trouble by the other three). Nikita kept the mood light and cheerful. Her creative use of the English alphabet, as well as her budding arty skills made her stand out in the crowd.

The geeky one was Avni. She was the one who would never come in anybody’s way, unless they happened to be going down. She made sure all the other three maintained their levels of sanity. She was the kind of friend who walked in when the rest of the world walked out. The other three lifted her spirits and helped her to be more optimistic towards life.

There was nothing common between the four, but, an invisible and mysteriously invincible strength held them together. They felt each others’ pains and enjoyed each others’ pleasures…and cried and laughed together. The four were inseparable. They held on and vowed never to let go.

Some people just come into our lives and quickly go, while some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts.

Not for reproduction.


The Phone Call

It was a dark evening this Thursday night,
And as she sat on the green garden grass,
She gazed above and saw a moon, so white,
Glaring right back at her

She held the pendant which read,
‘To My Little Angel’, close to her heart
And remembered her father and what he said,
I’ll always be here for you’.

But it seemed as though the sky, so dim
Told her, something wasn’t right,
There was something, pulling her away from him,
An invisible and mysteriously invincible strength

She didn’t know why, a tear trickled down,
She couldn’t understand why,
Those tears filled her eyes, so brown,
And then unknowingly, began to weep out loud

The night surged on, and there she was,
Without a sound, still holding on,
Wondering why her cries wouldn’t pause,
Why her eyes didn’t dry…

She went astray in the thoughts, of those memories, so sweet
And thinking about those marvellous days she spent
With her dad, made her heart skip a beat
She knew, something wasn’t the way it used to be…

The phone began to ring, in the dead of the night,
Feeling so numb, she ignored the shrill sound,
It rang yet again, so she got up, slowly with all her might,
She walked, slowly to the buzzing receiver.

She greeted the solemn voice, with a meek ‘hello’,
The voice seemed to bring her, the news she dreaded,
The news which made her face turn yellow,
And she insensitively dropped the receiver…

Not for reproduction.