The rider followed her unceasingly,
As horse’s hoofs trampled everything in its way
Knowing not whose help to seek,
She felt breathless, feeble and weak
She ran as fast as she could,
Through the sinister woods

The gem she concealed
Among her clothes and fled
As fast as her feet could carry,
Knowing not where she should tarry

The veiled riders had ruined everything…
She couldn’t hear the birds sing,
Or the leaves flutter in the breeze,
She hurried, not quite at ease,
Worried as the hoofs were drawing near,
For her own life, she did not fear

She held the gem, now stained with blood,
As close as she could,
It was a relic of her tribe’s past,
The only one that did last

She did not know who to revere,
To save her from the agony, severe
The wily rider closed on her
She felt that her end was drawing near,
In the forest she spotted a clearing,
And a voice screaming her name was nearing

The voice seemed familiar,
She ran towards it, with a mind unclear
She knew the woods well,
And remembered playing hide and seek, till twilight fell.

The voice seemed to be her guide
And following it, she knew just where to hide.
She went through the slender path, to the cave
Her favourite hiding place, which did save
Her once again, and she sat there, thankful
Awaiting the sun to spread its rays, bountiful

Not for reproduction.


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