Of New Experiences, People and Places

The comfort zone. That place that makes us feel just a little sure of ourselves, that makes us feel that all’s well, but also makes us so cozy in there, that we forget that there’s need to break the routine and just do things differently.

Our friends and family are a vital part if this cocoon. And we don’t understand the need to break out of it, until we reach this stage where we’re left with no choice but to break out.

One such experience for me was Jagriti Yatra. Jagriti Yatra is organised annually by the Jagriti Sewa Sansthan in December. It is a 8000 km journey all over India, taken by 450 yatris over 15 days and 12 locations.


This adventure which convened on the 24th of December has been one of those experiences where I’ve had to open up to people I haven’t met before, push all that hesitation at the back of my head and just be my confident self.

It’s really helping me realize that there are people from all backgrounds out there, and even though sometimes we feel like we don’t fit in anywhere, we should know that there are people who think like us, feel like us, and are looking for people like us. It made me feel a lot less..alone.

In my opinion, best thing about meeting new people is listening to their stories, their little anecdotes that they’re sharing with you. Every little story is a little part of them that you’re getting acquainted with. what I realize is, that when I share stories with people I’ve never really met before, it helps me get acquainted with a little corner myself that I knew existed, but it just lay there, undiscovered.

People who you haven’t met before, those who really don’t have any preconceived notions about you are also the ones who really won’t judge you for anything. They listen in and sometimes even tell us how they,or somebody closer to them had been through the exact same thing. Letting you know that you’re not the only one feeling like that, you never are.

Meeting new people also let’s you set new boundaries with them. You learn to adjust to their quirks, and also to express your distress when you think something’s not going quite the way you want it to.

The tough part, I think, is to actually keep the rapport going, to make sure that that magical connect doesn’t fade with time, to keep those promises of remembering each other. And most importantly, to know, that you’re not alone in the way you’re feeling. You’re never alone.



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