Letter Writing Update #1: I’d Write You a Handwritten Letter

This TED talk got me thinking. Do people really miss the personal touch that a letter has, that a long wound email could never replicate? And the impulsive me has decided to give this a go. So, if you want me to pull out a piece of paper and write you a personally drafted, handwritten letter, seal it in an envelope with your name on it, stamp and sent to you by post, drop me a message with your postal address. And yes, it’s okay if I don’t know you, or if it’s for somebody who you think would like one, I’ll write anyway.

Nope, you needn’t “like” or comment on this, just inbox, or mail me at tanvi.mathur94@gmail.com or just fill out the form here.

So if you asked me for a handwritten letter, I will write you one, no questions asked.


Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day.