I Think We’re Mistaken: “If you love somebody, let them go”

I think we have it all wrong. Yes, we do. I think we have it all wrong when we say “if you love somebody, let them go”. If we say that, it seems a lot like we’re doing them a favour, or the “letting go” part, is for them. But is that really true? Shouldn’t it be more along the “if you love somebody, and they don’t love you like you’d like them to, leave, walk away”.

Are the two the same, though? Is letting go of somebody the same as leaving? I think not. I think letting go involves freeing the other person, allowing them to walk away from you while you’re (in most probability) stuck in the same place you were before. Think about it, if you do let somebody go, what about you? Are you supposed to wait for them to get back? Or are you supposed to ignore all that you’re feeling and pretend to heal? I can’t get myself to understand why all these love songs talk about letting people go, and waiting for them to get back to you (which apparently they will, if it was meant to be), but why do we have to let go in the first place? Why can’t people just stay, if they had to, if they were meant to be?

Leaving, sounds more like something I’d do, now. Leaving, because there’s nothing that’s making me stay. Nothing, that’s saying things are going to be better. Leaving because I know I’ve tried everything. Moreover, leaving makes me feel better. And that’s all that matters, in this moment, right now.

But, do people really come back once they’ve decided to leave? Well, I’m still to figure that one out. Is this is permanent decision, or a whimsical one? Time, and only time can tell me that.

So I’ve decided to give time, some time.


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