Light After The Storm.

This one’s a guest post by my friend Vrishika. Read on đŸ™‚

It’s the most excruciating feeling in the world, the inability to fix things and make it right. You watch things getting messed up, falling out of place for no reason other than circumstance, and all you can do is watch the pieces fall apart. That feeling when it hits that there is absolutely nothing you can do really wrenches your heart. You’re left with no option than to just let go, to wait out the storm.

But worse than being in the eye of the storm yourself, is watching a person you care about immensely stuck there and not being able to do anything about it. What can you do when nothing is working your way? When you are helpless because you just doesn’t know how to help, and even worse, helpless because you know the exact solution but just aren’t able to get it across. All you can do is watch, watch as they suffer, watch as they fight, only hoping that they remain standing.

Such times really make you appreciate just how much is out of your control. You may have the intentions and the resources to put solutions in action but the variables in the surroundings just don’t align themselves. These circumstances really humble you, show you your worth before the power of the universe. All that can be done at these times is to hang on, to a tree, to a pole, to a straw, to any shred of hope that keeps you going, just hang on, because it will be over. Despite everything, as difficult as this is to see sometimes, it remains an absolute certainty that the storm will pass. It has to end. And there will be light, the light after a storm.


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