Why do I create?

This post is part of the Discover Challenge. The topic is Raison d’être, meaning “the reason or justification for existence.”

So, I asked myself, why do I create?

To feel more like myself.

There is the humdrum of life, and then t      here is writing. Writing helps me take a break from the monotony and just, be. Be the thought I am, be the opinions I am, be the worries I am, be the curiosity I am, and most importantly, be the awesomeness I am. It helps me understand myself better by giving me time to put my thoughts under the scanner, and actually let myself feel everything that I’m experiencing.

There are times when I need to let a part of myself go, or I want to share a little bit of myself with somebody else. To let them in. To let them know that I’m letting them in. That. That’s when I write letters to them. I like writing to people because it means so much more to me than just a text message.

Often, it acts as my time-turner and lets me go back to a place and time and revisit a memory as I pen it down. Often, when I read things I wrote in the past, it surprises me, I can’t believe I wrote that, or that I even thought of that. And sometimes, it acts as my mirror, reflecting what I’m feeling when I read the words I’ve written.

Writing is my rawest, truest form of expression.


3 thoughts on “Why do I create?

  1. […] : Okay, why are you doing this? What’s in it for you? – It’s like a hobby I’ve cultivated. I don’t like how the personal touch is being replaced my technology, I don’t like how instant everything is; I like to pause for a bit, make that effort and make somebody’s day, it just makes me happy, I guess that’s how I can put it best. It just makes me happy. To read why I like to write in the first place, click here. […]


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