Open Letter to Somebody Who Just Received ICSE/ISC Results

Dear you,

Phew! I bet it’s been a long day. I bet you’re tired by the time you read this. Tired because of the anxiety that bothered you before the result was declared, tried because you probably attended a zillion phone calls from distant relatives, tired because neighbor aunty needs to know how much you scored in each one and compare your grades to somebody else’s, tired because you probably didn’t sleep much last night- a few of you probably even pulled out your question papers and tried calculating the result.

Well. All that’s over now.

The cat is out of the bag.


A lot of people are going to tell you about how these grades are the most important in shaping your career and your future- don’t let them fool you. After all, how can just one thing define your entire future?

A lot more are going to tell you about how these don’t matter at all. About how nobody really cares about these marks- don’t let them fool you either. Every little step matters. Every play you were part of, every obstacle race you ran in, every examination, every march past, every time you tried something, but failed, and every time you tried something and succeeded. Every little bit matters. Every little bit defines you. Don’t let this one thing overshadow all that!

Whether you’re somebody who estimated your result exactly correctly, or somebody who didn’t bother estimating at all, whether you’re somebody who can’t believe they scored so low, or somebody who scored a lot higher than they expected – there’s just one thing that’ll define you. What you make of this result. How you decide to take it in your stride. How you resolve to leave no stone unturned to succeed in your future endeavours. How you make sure you give your all to whatever you pursue.

That’s what will define you.

Yours sincerely,

Somebody who’s been there.


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