Hello, gorge-ous!

It’s been a crazy brilliant ten days. I don’t remember the last time I felt this care free, relaxed and, honestly heartily happy. We’ve been planning this trip to Europe for a really long time now, and now it’s happening, right here right now.

But this post? This post is about today. It was our first day in Switzerland, and after a boat ride on Lake Thun and a visit to Interlaken, we went onward to Aare Gorge. Aare is the longest river that runs entirely within Switzerland. We approached the gorge from Interlaken, it’s a half an hour drive, and saw glimpses of the river throughout.

Now, the Aare gorge was formed by the Aare river cutting into the hard limestone which changed the geography of the area over the past centuries.

You know, metaphorically, it’s a perfect example of how of you keep going, little by little, carving your way out one step at a time, you can make your own mark and change the landscape altogether.

Yes, I’d seen pictures before. But the experience? Wow. There’s nothing like that I’ve felt before. Imagine walking on a winding, windy path that takes you past gushing water and shooting through openings. Picture the sunlight seeping in though the cavities in the gorge, colouring the river in innumerable shades of blue and green. Couple that with the pitter-patter of droplets falling on your head and shoulders as you walk into a tunnel. Listen closely to the sound water makes as it hurries past you, and the sound it makes as it drops down from a height, and that of the wind playing with your hair, now put those sounds together and play the symphony.

This place made me so cheerful today! One of my favourite experiences, for sure. I came out of the gorge grinning, hoping I could stay longer, wondering if I’ll ever be back. More tidbits from this trip once I’m back!

I’ve never before written on the go, like this, but it’s just one of those memories I couldn’t wait to share with everybody. After all, happiness only real when shared.

So if you’re still reading this and haven’t opened another tab to check out Aare Gorge, here we go.


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