Snowfall at the Top of Europe!

Have you seen snowfall? Do you remember the first time you felt snowflakes on your head and shoulders? Do you remember how the landscape, earlier coloured in shades of green and brown, seems to have worn a white blanket – one that thickens gradually?

Well, my first time was today!

We were on our way to Jungfrau, Switzerland today, and after a ninety minute bus ride from Engelberg, we hopped onto a train to visit the peak. The cogwheel train chugged along moving at a sharp angle, and the ride was perfect – there was just a clear glass window between us and the gorgeous view outside! And that, that’s when I saw it for the first time. I saw snowfall for the first time! I remember how excited I was when I realized that it wasn’t rain, it wasn’t even hail, it was snow falling from the skies! It was like God was grating cheese over a slice of bread, slowly covering the visible patches, till you could see no more, and not stopping, grating some more, just because he can.

Say hello to a picture from Kleine Scheidegg, where we had to change trains to get to Jungfraujoch, my first picture in the snowfall!

On the way up, we went though a few tunnels, and I couldn’t help but wonder how they managed to tunnel though the mountain and how much determination it would have taken, to keep going over 14 years (1898 – 1912)!

Fourteen years.

“On 21 February 1912, the miners use more dynamite than is permitted and blast through to daylight. The shout of ‘Though!’ echoes along the tunnel and the workers fall into each other’s arms. The masterpiece has finally been achieved!”

Moving on, one of our favourite places atop Jungfraujoch was the Sphinx observatory! It was still snowing when we got there, I wore an armour, 2 thermals, a sweater, coat and woolen muffler later, I plucked up the courage to go out on the -12°C temperature (yes, well below frozen!) I’m one of those people who feels really really cold, even in temperatures higher than those, but my armour? It made sure I could bear the cold for a full 74 seconds. I finally, finally understand what they mean when they say windchill effect, now.

Achievement unlocked.

And then, we decided to go out there again, because occasions like these deserve pictures, just to make sure the memory doesn’t get as blurry as this picture of my sister that I took!

At 3,454 metres, not only does Jungfraujoch have the highest railway station in Europe, but it also has the highest post office in the continent! And yes, we sent out postcards from there, they’re to reach home with a stamp that says “Top of Europe”.

Taking letter writing to a whole new level, quite literally!

Oh yes! We treated ourselves to a scrumptious lunch at The Restaurant Bollywood, Jungfraujoch, after which we headed back down, fatigued from the constant heavy breathing to get accustomed to the altitude, but happy that we went up there and experienced all of that awesomeness.

On the ride down, I remember noticing the streams still gushing past, despite the cold and the stillness of the snow. Nature and it’s wonders.



4 thoughts on “Snowfall at the Top of Europe!

  1. Lovely post and glad you had an exceptional time. We visited Jungfraujoch on a sunny day and felt that was so necessary to enjoy it fully – just blogged about it so have a look. However, look at your pictures, i’m sure being there at the height of winter is also quite an experience.

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