Letter Writing : Wait, What?

I’ve been writing letters to anybody who asked me for one, for more than a year, now. And I decided to compile the questions most people have.

This is an attempt at getting through to more people, some of who maybe hesitant to ask me what this letter writing thing is about.

: Are you really doing this letter bit?
– Oh yes I am! You’ve got to fill up the form here, and I’ll send you a handwritten or typewritten letter.

: Okay, why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?
– It’s like a hobby I’ve cultivated. I don’t like how the personal touch is being replaced my technology, I don’t like how instant everything is; I like to pause for a bit, make that effort and make somebody’s day, it just makes me happy, I guess that’s how I can put it best. It just makes me happy. To read why I like to write in the first place, click here.

: I see you say that you’d write to anybody who asks for a letter, what will you write about if you know nothing about me?
– You could tell me if there’s something specific you’d like me to write about, I’ll try my best to write along those lines, if not, I’ll pick something I’ve been thinking about, or something I really care about.

: Alright, that sounds okay, so how long is my letter going to take?
– It takes a while to write, a few weeks at least, because I like to take my time and write only when I’m (for lack of a better term) *in the zone*.
And, then, depending on how far you are from me (geographically), it’ll take a while to reach.

: How long does it take after you’ve posted it?
– A few weeks, for sure. It’s a little unpredictable though. There have been times when I sent letters from Kolkata to Bangalore and they reached in 3 days. THREE. So, it’s kinda really erratic, so let it take it’s time.

: What happens if my letter doesn’t reach, even after a few weeks?
– Well, then there’s a chance that it got lost somewhere on the way (yes, that happens very frequently). I worked a way (sorta) around it; I take pictures of all the sheets before sending them, so if the letter gets lost on the way, I could send you that. I don’t know how else to resolve this, suggestions are welcome.

: I see a “Contact Number” section on the form. Why do you need that?
– The postman (yes, I said postman, and not Amazon delivery guy :P) might have trouble locating you, this is purely for his convenience, but I understand if you’d rather not divulge that detail.

: How will it reach me?
– There will probably be a letter box in the locality you live in. It gets delivered there, or at your doorstep. I’d like you to find out the closest one to your place. These are usually on the basement/ground floor of a building and look a lot like this.

: So, you’re telling me that all I have to do, is fill in my details here?
– Oh, yes yes yes!

: Can I write back to you?
– It would make my day if you did. Take the (not-so-subtle) hint! But before writing to me, do read this.


Typewriter Twenty Two : July ’16

A classic case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I remember one of the thoughts that crossed my head when I saw the typewriter first (after *OMG THIS IS SO COOL*, *I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S FINALLY HERE*, and a rant about love at first sight) was:

Wow, that’s so compact!

It’s 10.1″ x 11.5″ to be precise, (yes, I measured it for this post). Which is very compact and optimal for porting. Well, if you’d like to visualize it, 10.5 would be approximately the height of a 1 litre Aquafina bottle and 11.5″ is slightly smaller that the longer side of a A4 sheet, (or did I just confuse you?)

Fair enough, right? Seems like something that’s easy to carry. So, I rushed over to pick it up and analyze it, and as I did, I realized, hang on, the size isn’t all that matters.

The weight. Damn.

The typewriter weighs a lot more than you think something as compact and petite would, it’s like you couldn’t have known, unless you actually tried holding it up. Now I’m not really sure how they would be practical to carry around. They look compact, are “wireless”, seem low maintenance and come in a carrying case; they were meant to be portable, right?

But, are they?

Stay tuned in to find out, more next month!

Check out the previous edition of Typewriter Twenty Two here and the next one, here.

Letter Writing Update #4 : Dear Coldplay

So, you remember that letter I wrote to Coldplay a few month ago?

Well, guess what?

IMG_20160706_161707399.jpgI ACTUALLY SENT IT TODAY!

I had been planning to, for the past few months, I even looked for their address online, I have no idea about how legit that is, though, but I just HAD to send it out.

If you never try, you’ll never know.

Plus, I decided to use my first salary on it!

Such a brilliant day.

The Bucket List : 2016

I had been updating this for a while, just never got around to hitting Publish, my second attempt at publishing Drafts.

I haven’t updated it after 21st March, though. I’ll make all the updates in 2018.

Also, check out the one I made in 2014.

 In no particular order, here goes:

  1. Ride the world’s highest and fastest roller coaster.
  2. Feature in the “credits” of a short film.
    I’d forgotten about this one! Need to figure out how to do this.
  3. Spend an entire night on the beach, watching the stars.
    Done done done, twice over!
  4. Visit the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.
    Damn. I don’t know when this’ll happen.
  5. Send 100 letters, in all to loved ones. (Yes, letters. Hand-written letters)
    Oh, I’m working on this. Sadly, I haven’t counted, maybe I’ll start doing that. Also, I’d like to update this one:
    Send 100 personally drafted, handwritten or typewritten letters to anybody who asks for one.
    Would you like one?
  6. Be on page 1 of Google Search when my name is typed in.
  7. Attend a Live Coldplay Concert.
  8. Watch 150 movies. (Not really a movie buff, so that’s a challenge)
    On it!
  9. Try on a long trailing dress, like in Disney movies.
  10. Get 5 ear-piercings done. (2 down, 3 to go!)
    I think I’d like to re-write this one, I don’t think I want 5 anymore:
    Get 3 ear-piercings done.
  11. Spend at least a month without using my phone or the internet.
    I went off WhatsApp for around a week, but I haven’t gone off the grid, all the way yet.
  12. Go on a blind date. One. Just one?
    Hahhahaha. I can’t believe I have this here! I’m open to going on one. Let’s do this!
  13. Experience the adrenaline rush caused by the world’s highest bungee jump.
  14. Own a pair of Aviators.
    I’d like to re-write this one:
    Own atleast one pair of RayBan sunglasses, Aviators aren’t my thing anymore.
  15. Call a friend I haven’t spoken to in 5 years or more, just to check if (s)he still remembers me.
    I don’t know how to initiate this one. Suggestions?
  16. Eurail. Travel Europe by train.
    Nope, not yet.
  17. Track down my Babaji’s typewriter.
  18. Learn how to operate the Typewriter without using any online tutorials. Go 100% old school.
  19. Read at least 3 books every year starting 2016 for the next 5 years.
  20. Learn to strum 3 songs on the guitar and sing along.
  21. Go on a solo trip, fund it myself.
  22. Learn how to use eye-liner. Totally not a make-up person.
  23. Update my Bucket List on 21st March, every alternate year.
    Inception, no?
  24. Learn French, enough to hold a basic conversation.
    I started working on this one, attended classes and wrote tests, but I need to get back to this and actually try using the language before I strike it off my list.
  25. Go on a trip with my sister.
  26. Make an perfect omelette without, having to turn it into scrambled eggs.

(As of 21st March, 2016)

Do you have a Bucket List too? What’s on yours?