Letter Writing : Wait, What?

I’ve been writing letters to anybody who asked me for one, for more than a year, now. And I decided to compile the questions most people have.

This is an attempt at getting through to more people, some of who maybe hesitant to ask me what this letter writing thing is about.

: Are you really doing this letter bit?
– Oh yes I am! You’ve got to fill up the form here, and I’ll send you a handwritten or typewritten letter.

: Okay, why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?
– It’s like a hobby I’ve cultivated. I don’t like how the personal touch is being replaced my technology, I don’t like how instant everything is; I like to pause for a bit, make that effort and make somebody’s day, it just makes me happy, I guess that’s how I can put it best. It just makes me happy. To read why I like to write in the first place, click here.

: I see you say that you’d write to anybody who asks for a letter, what will you write about if you know nothing about me?
– You could tell me if there’s something specific you’d like me to write about, I’ll try my best to write along those lines, if not, I’ll pick something I’ve been thinking about, or something I really care about.

: Alright, that sounds okay, so how long is my letter going to take?
– It takes a while to write, a few weeks at least, because I like to take my time and write only when I’m (for lack of a better term) *in the zone*.
And, then, depending on how far you are from me (geographically), it’ll take a while to reach.

: How long does it take after you’ve posted it?
– A few weeks, for sure. It’s a little unpredictable though. There have been times when I sent letters from Kolkata to Bangalore and they reached in 3 days. THREE. So, it’s kinda really erratic, so let it take it’s time.

: What happens if my letter doesn’t reach, even after a few weeks?
– Well, then there’s a chance that it got lost somewhere on the way (yes, that happens very frequently). I worked a way (sorta) around it; I take pictures of all the sheets before sending them, so if the letter gets lost on the way, I could send you that. I don’t know how else to resolve this, suggestions are welcome.

: I see a “Contact Number” section on the form. Why do you need that?
– The postman (yes, I said postman, and not Amazon delivery guy :P) might have trouble locating you, this is purely for his convenience, but I understand if you’d rather not divulge that detail.

: How will it reach me?
– There will probably be a letter box in the locality you live in. It gets delivered there, or at your doorstep. I’d like you to find out the closest one to your place. These are usually on the basement/ground floor of a building and look a lot like this.

: So, you’re telling me that all I have to do, is fill in my details here?
– Oh, yes yes yes!

: Can I write back to you?
– It would make my day if you did. Take the (not-so-subtle) hint! But before writing to me, do read this.


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