Typewriter Twenty Two : August ’16

Reading this on my blog for the first time? Don’t know what this is about?

Let me tell you about this!

Cast a Spell.

I don’t like re-reading letters. If I’ve sent you one, I’ve probably written it in one go, without crossing out words, let alone lines. Recently, I wrote something for myself, and read it after a few days.

Once I did, I realized how much we rely on our computers or mobile phones or another electronic devices to assist us with our sentences. A green squiggle is formed each time the device *thinks* we’re not constructing sentences as per the grammar rules. And, let’s admit it, we’ve all depended on the red squiggly line that appear beneath the words we type to save us from trivial, but often embarrassing mistakes!

I figured I’ve made so many minor typos in that one note I wrote! Typos I tend to ignore because my brain *knows* that they’ll be auto-corrected on any device.

I can’t believe I’ve gotten so used to technology helping me out at each step. It makes me wonder, will spelling and handwriting become obsolete gradually? Will we start completely relying on technology when we want to write? Will we let the device think on our behalf?

More importantly, is that what we want?

Would you like to read a little more?

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