Typewriter Twenty Two : September ’16

Stumbled upon this post for the first time? Don’t know what this is about?

Let me tell you!

Are We There Yet?

I find it difficult to write to people who I know too well, or those who I don’t know at all. In either scenario, I can never fathom what it is that I should write to them about. If it’s someone new, I wonder what it is that would interest them? What would make them want to write back to me? What would strike a chord somewhere within? And well, if it’s someone I’ve known, the biggest stumbling block is finding something I haven’t already discussed with them. How do I tell them something new, when, in actuality, they’ve probably heard every thought that’s meandered through my mind?

But, you know, there’s something about writing that just comes to me. It just happens.



The other day, I was working on a typewritten piece for one of my really close friends. I sorta-kinda had something I wanted to say through the letter. So I sat myself down, did my little ritual of feeding paper into that beauty, adjusting the margins and then checking the spool and ribbon.

Then came the words.

Hey, you.

And, after a full fifty three minutes and forty one seconds, I had eloquently expressed all I could.

Hey, you.

I finally sat down to write to you.

Six more minutes didn’t add as much as I’d like them to.

Hey, you.

I finally sat down to write to you. And, I don’t really know what to say.

Seventeen minutes later, I knew I had to stop staring at that sheet. So, I decided to work around this situation; I put the typewriter aside, picked out another sheet of paper, and..a pen.

Twenty three minutes, and two more sheets later, I put the pen down and lifted my head and smiled. I felt like I knew what I wanted to say, just not how to type that in, before.

No matter how much I loved typing on the typewriter, no matter how fast my typing speed got, no matter how close I thought it was to me, I felt like we just might not be there yet.

There? What is this ‘there’ I talk about? Well, ‘there’ is that level of comfort you reach with somebody, that place where you can talk to them without inhibitions, where they just get you, where they almost complete your sentences, where it’s effortless.

That’s there.

So tell me, love, tell me, are we there yet?

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